Fernweh: China – Shanghai

Since the corona virus continues has decided to stay, there will be no more traveling this year. That’s why I continue to work through my “To-Write-About” list. And so the next entry on Fernweh follows. This time I am going to Shanghai, the Chinese metropolis at the mouth of the Jiangtsekiang in the Yellow Sea. I’ve been there twice so far. Once as a day trip on a weekend when I was on a business trip in Nanjing, and the other time for 4 days during the IEC General Meeting in October 2019.

Shanghai is a real metropolis. With around 23 million inhabitants, it has more than 6 times more inhabitants than Berlin. For me, the old, almost dilapidated buildings next to modern skyscrapers were fascinating and at the same time disturbing. If you leave e.g. Nanjing Road and go into one of the narrow side streets, it feels like you are in another world.

In the short time I was there, of course, I couldn’t explore that much. But here are definitely a few highlights:

  • The Bund – the waterfront on the western bank of Huang Pu, across from Pudong
  • Railway under the Huang Pu – with spherical sounds and an amazing light show you cross under the Huang Pu and thus come from the Bund to Pudong
  • Oriental Pearl Tower
  • Shanghai Tower, the tallest building in China (and the second tallest in the world)
  • Shanghai World Financial Center – looks something like a bottle opener
  • Nanjing Road – a major shopping street
  • People’s Square – a very nice park where Chinese people look for spouses for their daughters

A highlight are of course the boat tours that are offered on the Huang Pu and which are best done in the evening after sunset, when the skyscrapers are lit up.

Here are a few videos:

Here are a few impressions in the gallery:


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Ein sehr altes Haus mitten im Zentrum

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