Viewpoints in Gran Canaria – Mirador El Balcon

Since it will probably be a while before we can travel again, here is another post on the subject of viewpoints. While I have already described various miradors on other islands such as Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, here is the first contribution from Gran Canaria.

In fact, this post is actually about two viewpoints. On the one hand there is the Mirador El Balcon and one on very beautiful lookout, which is about one kilometer away from the Mirador.

The starting point for this trip is Galdar, where you can visit the Cueva Pintada. From there we drive to Agaete and then via the GC-200 to the mountains on the coast. Here we go past El Risco upwards, always relatively parallel to the coast. It is quite impressive: On one side it goes steeply down to the Atlantic Ocean, on the other side the rocks, on which nets are sometimes attached to secure the road against falling rocks. Approx. 100 m after the nets stop, there is a parking lot on the right-hand side where you can stop. From up here you have a great view of the coast in the northwest of the island. Those who are brave or perhaps also tired of life can climb over the barriers and catch an even better view of the cliffs. But be careful, it goes deep here. If you look across the street through the valley into the interior of the island, you can look towards the town of San Nicolas and see the plantations covered with foil. Traditionally, bananas or tomatoes are usually grown here.

If you continue here, you will reach the Mirador El Balcon after about one kilometer. It is easy to guess where the name comes from: There is a viewing platform here that stands like a balcony on the edge of the cliff. The view is relatively similar to the one I described at the first lookout point. As I have now read, the platform is currently being renovated (November / December 2020).

At that time we went back south via the GC-200 towards Taurito. If you like mountain roads, you can definitely recommend this route.

Here are a few impressions.


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Wunderbare Steilklippen

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