Los Gigantes – the gigantic cliff

Tenerife was our first vacation in the Canary Islands and so we did not have much experience of what you can experience in the Canary Islands apart from beach tourism. That is why the number of posts here is so small.

Nevertheless, I don’t want to withhold one of the most spectacular views from you: Los Gigantes. The cliffs, which gave the nearby place its name, is partly over 400 m high cliffs and is completely called: Los Acantilados de Los Gigantes.


Location and directions

Los Gigantes is located in the west of the island and is relatively easy to reach. From the tourist centers around Los Christianos and Playa de las Americas it is only around 20 minutes by car and therefore a worthwhile destination even if you are short on time

The easiest way to get here is via the TF-47, in which you follow the TF-1 towards the north coming from the south and leave it shortly after Adeje (at Lidl :-)) and take the TF-47 in the direction of Los Gigantes. This road then leads relatively close to the coast to the north, so that after a short time you reach the coastal town of Los Gigantes.

Mirador Archipenque

Here you can already get the first impression of the steep cliffs. Shortly after entering the town, it goes downhill in serpentines and within the loops is the first vantage point: the Mirador Archipenque. The car can be left here on the side of the road. If you can’t find a place right next to the Mirador, drive a few meters further, park further down and walk the few meters to the lookout point. From here you have a great view over the small town with its harbor, the Atlantic and of course the cliffs. There is also a small restaurant here where you could eat something. But we want to go on.

In the harbour

However, looking for a parking space can be a bit problematic. The small streets are very narrow and of course full of cars parked. With a lot of luck you can find something when someone is driving off. We are out of luck and drive to the port. There are paid parking spaces there (2 € / h), but since we do not plan to stay here, we accept that and parking is therefore subject to a charge.

The port is relatively small and clearly laid out. Many small boats are moored here as well as some whale and dolphin watching tour operators. If you have a lot of time, this is certainly worthwhile, also because you have a view of the cliffs from the Atlantic.

We stroll around in the harbor and find many restaurants and bars on the harbor promenade that invite you to linger.

Playa de los Guios

If you leave the port area and turn left directly behind the building, after about 200 m you come to a tiny beach, the Playa de los Guios. Like most beaches on Tenerife, this one is made up of black lava sand. Since the beach section is very small at approx. 160 m and there are generally only a few small beaches in the village, it can get very crowded here very quickly.

Los Gigantes is definitely worth a day trip. Would I spend a complete vacation here? Rather no. There are many shops, bars and restaurants, but the narrow streets and the lack of parking facilities mean that you have to search for a parking space every time you are out and about. If you only want to stay in one of the hotels here, that should suit you. But I would rather see a little more of the island and explore it.

In my gallery you can find a few impressions of the small village and the spectacular cliffs.

View over the town

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Der Blick über die Stadt

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