Wildlife parks on the Canaries – part 3: the Jungle Park on Tenerife

Now here is the third and for now last part of my series about wild parks on the Canary Islands. This time I will report about the Jungle Park, which is located at the southwest of Tenerife, not far from the tourists’ hot spots Los Christianos, Playa de las Americas and Costa Adeje. Actually, this was the first park we visited and our trip to Tenerife was in 2015. But I usually try to keep the relevant information updated.


As already written the Jungle Park is located in the southwest of Tenerife. You can reach the park going from south TF-51 from La Camella in direction Arona. Roughly half the way to Arona you turn left and follow the signposting. There is free parking available and after purchasing your ticket you can enter the park. Of course there are also shuttle buses carrying the tourists from their hotels the the park. This can be an option if you don’t rent a car on the island. But I would always rent a car and go there by myself, because you can avoid the masses when all people arrive there at once and you can leave whenever you want.

I would also advice you to come early shortly after the park opens. Then it is much more relaxed and you don’t have to wait too long before entering the park at the ticket counters. You could also by the tickets at your hotel, at any tourist information, sometimes even on the street.

Here is some more information:



Opening hours

daily 10:30 ‚Äď 16:30

Admission fees

28,00 ‚ā¨ (online only 26,00 ‚ā¨)

reduced prices for locals, senior and kids

Combined tickets with other parks on the islands are also available

The name Jungle Park suggests a lot and actually, yes, you feel like you are in some kind of jungle. As you might know, the south of Tenerife is very dry and barren. But then this park feels like a green island at the hillside of Mount Teide. As it is located some hundred meters above sea level it feels quite warm and not too hot.  At some points, you can get a very nice view about the south of the island.

Like all other parks on the Canaries you can watch here a lot of birds. One of the highlights is of course, that you can enter one of the birdcages. The parrots there will come to you and might be surprised that in a sudden you have on sitting on your shoulders or even your head. So, don’t be scared. On the other hand you can see here apes like orangutans or gorillas, other monkeys, leopards and jaguars as well as penguins and of course: crocodiles.

Like in all parks there are special shows with animals. Highlights are of course the birds of prey in a huge arena and the sea lions in some place similar to an amphitheater. There you can sit on tables and enjoy the show while eating your lunch. There is another restaurant located near the bird show where you can mainly find fast food like pizza and chips.

On the webpage I also found that there is a bob track where you can go down with bobsleighs. I definitely can’t remember this one, it must have been built after our visit.

In summary I can highly recommend the Jungle Park as well as the wild parks on the other islands. They are a good alternative to just lying on the beaches and getting sunburn.

Blick vom Jungle Park in Richtung Atlantik

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Blick vom Jungle Park in Richtung Atlantik

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