Gran Canaria

The second island of the Canaries that we visited was Gran Canaria. So far we have been there twice, the first time in October 2015 for just one week in Maspalomas and the second time over the Easter holidays 2016 for two weeks in an Anfi resort near Puerto Rico.

In contrast to many package tourists who almost never leave the hotel complex, our motto here was again: rent a car and visit various sights. This way, alternating with days when you relax on the beach or at the pool, is for me the best kind of rest and relaxation.

We were able to explore a large part of the island by car, even if it is clear that there is still a lot to discover on Gran Canaria and we were only able to explore a fraction. I will create reports on my blog and link them here. After sorting all the pictures again, I am surprised that I took well over 600 photos there. Especially on the first vacation, which lasted only a week, there are over 450 photos.