Wildlife parks in the Canaries – Part 2: The Palmitos Park in Gran Canaria

So, after a long abstinence, today a “new” post. As promised, here is part 2 of the series about wildlife parks in the Canaries. While we were in Fuerteventura for part 1, today we are in Gran Canaria and visit the Palmitos Park. This is located in the south in the Barranco de los Palmitos and is only a short drive from the tourist centers of Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles.

Many vacation hotels also sell tickets and there are also shuttle buses to take visitors there.


Homepage https://www.palmitospark.es/en
Telefon +
Opening hours

daily 10:00 – 18:00


32,00 €

Discounts for locals, senior citizens and children are available

The park is located in a green valley and offers a lot of variety, especially for children. With the various shows, such as the parrot show, the dolphin show or the birds of prey show, there is no boredom. These shows take place several times a day. So that every visitor has the chance to visit all of the shows. In addition to the shows, you can marvel at many species of animals here. When looking at my pictures, there are very, very many species of birds to be seen. May be because the birds are usually easier to photograph. There are also many beautiful aquariums with exotic fish to see.

In addition to the cactus garden, which is almost obligatory in the Canaries, there is also an orchid house, which is the largest collection of these plants on the Canary Islands. There are also hundreds of butterflies flying around in the house.

From all the walking around, which goes up and down a lot, you get hungry at some point. You can satisfy this in one of the two restaurants, which, similar to the Oasis Park, offer simple but also very practical cuisine.

Due to the size, it is advisable to be there early in order to have the chance to see all the performances and to have time between them.

All in all, you can say that you can spend a nice relaxing day here, even away from the beach in Gran Canaria.


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