Allsun Hotel Esquinzo Beach – my first experience with an all-inclusive vacation

One of my colleagues once said to me, Fuerteventura is the most boring island of the Canary Islands.

Well, I don’t pay too much attention on other people’s opinion and would like to make myself a picture of this. So, Nicole and me were the first time on Fuerteventura in April 2018 and have visited the island 3 times since. And we will be back sometime.


So our first trip to Fuerteventura was a premiere for us at some points:

  • first vacation without the kids
  • first time on Fuerteventura
  • first time All-Inclusive

All the times before we always had to prepare the meals for us, but this time we decided to really relax, forget about everything and let others do the work. No preparation of meals, just going to the restaurant and eating as much as we want.

So we looked for an offer fitting to our needs and found the allsun Esquinzo Beach Hotel in the south of the island. The only disadvantage of the trip was, that we had connecting flights via Düsseldorf on the way to Fuerteventura and via Cologne-Bonn on the return trip.

So we started on a Tuesday from Berlin-Tegel to Düsseldorf. Unfortunately we received a message by Eurowings,that our flight from DUS to Fuerteventura would be delayed. And yes, this was true, with more than two and a half hours delay we left from DUS. The flight wasn’t operated by Eurowings, but was a wet-lease by TUI-fly with a Boeing 767. The good thing was, that we were upgraded from Economy to Premium-Economy, which meant more legroom for us. Additionally we got free snacks and drinks, which we wouldn’t have received on the regular Eurowings flight.

We landed at the airport of Fuerteventura and then went by bus to our hotel. Playa d’Esquinzo is located in the south of Fuerteventura, so it takes another 90 minutes to arrive there. The Check.In was really fast and we went to the restaurant to get some food. After the relatively stressful day we still went down to the beach in the dark and for the first time we had something like a “vacation feeling”.

Here is my evaluation of the hotel

Location: 4,5 of 5 stars

It is not directly located at the beach. But a five minute walk is still not to far. For the elderly people there is a shuttle bus that goes three times a day down to the beach in the morning and three times in the afternoon to get you back to the hotel. There is a very nice supermarket in opposite of the hotel. And I don’t talk about the simple “Hyperdino” or “Spar” markets, like you might find on the Canaries. No, this is a really good supermarket with a great choice of groceries. If you want to go to discos, bars or restaurants beside of the ones in the hotel, you will have to go to Morro Jable, which is ~ 5 km away.

Rooms: 4 out of 5 stars.

The rooms are very functional equipped with a bed, TV, armchairs, a bathroom with a bathtub and a wardrobe with a safe. For the safe you have to pay extra fees, but I think, this is useful, so you don’t have to carry all your cash and credit cards with you. On the floor and the corridor there might be one or the other tile not completely fixed, but still, everything is in quite good shape. The one star less is for the bed. You have single beds that are just standing next to each other. So if your partner comes to you cuddling, you might find yourself on the floor. The last time my bed was really broken, but this was exchanged very fast after we told the guy at the reception.

Depending on where your room is located it can be very quiet (for example at the end of the hall), but also quite loud, especially when your room is on the same floor like the reception. Then it is likely, you might hear drunken guests at night 🙂

Meals: 4.5 out of 5 stars

The meals are very diversifies, but sometimes quite fatty. During our visit my stomach unfortunately complained about the fatty meals shortly before we left and I had to stay one day in bed with appendicitis. But this was my fault, I should have had eaten less fatty. During our next two visits I paid attention and had less fatty food. The drinks are completely okay and quite complete for an all-inclusive offer. But as I prefer the simple things like beer and wine this might be the reason for my satisfaction.

Services: 4.5 out of 5 stars

For the full stars I miss the free WiFi and the free safe. But this is more or less all that is missing.  You can rent a car directly at the hotel which is either delivered directly to the hotel or you will get picked up at the hotel and carried to the rental car station. You can also book trips at the hotel and you will be picked up directly there or at the bus stop some meters down the roundabout.

You can also get beach towels at the reception. The rooms are cleaned 6 days a week, except on Sundays and we were satisfied with the cleanliness of the rooms.

Zufahrt zum Hotel

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Zufahrt zum Hotel

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