Fuerteventura – Mirador de Morro Velosa

Today I will give a recommendation for a very nice lookout, which we have visited twice, when we were on Fuerteventura. You can find those lookouts (mirador is the Spanish word for lookout) on all islands of the Canaries and I will report on some more in other posts.

The first time we came here by chance, the second time was planned. I am talking about the Mirador De Morro Velosa. You can go here very easily via the FV-30 coming from north heading towards Betancuria. The road is in quite good condition, the most time wide enough so you don’t have to be afraid of cars coming down. There are more dangerous points on the islands.

When you arrive at the top there is a parking lot with enough free parking space. If there is more than one bus it could be a little bit more crowded, but we have never seen more than one bus.

At the summit there is a building with an exhibition about the island. The exhibition is very interesting and tells you a lot about the island and its nature. But I was quite disappointed that the coffee bar insine of the building was completely closed and you couldn’t buy anything to drink. That’s a pity as the view from the building is fantastic.

Even though Fuerteventura is a very barren island, the views from here and other miradors is fantastic. But have a look at the pictures and decide for yourself. The pictures were taken in April and November 2018.

[Update]: When we visited Fuerteventura in November 2019, the road to the top was closed. You still could walk up, but the building was completely closed. I hope they only closed it for maintenance and will reopen at some time in the future.

Blick vom Mirador de Morro Velosa

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Blick vom Mirador de Morro Velosa

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