Fuerteventura – Museo del Queso Majorero

As already reported in my previous blog entry we purchased a combi ticket when we visited the Museo de Salinas del Calmen. So for 11.50 € we also had entry to two other museums.

The first one is the Museo del Queso Majorero, the goat cheese museum, which is located directly at the FV-20 north of Antigua. You can’t miss it, because you just have to turn at the windmill and you are on the parking lot of the museum.

Here is some additional information:


Calle Virgen de Antigua km 20

35630, Antigua, Fuerteventura,



Opening hours

daily opened from:

10:00 bis 18:00


4 € for adults (11 years +)

11,50 € as combined ticket

At the ticket counter we were asked if we would like to try cheese here. A small plate of 3 different goat cheese was 3 €. I highly recommend to try the cheese here, even if you are not the biggest fan of goat cheese. It is really delicious. Another positive fact is, that the lady at the ticket counter really good English and German and explained a lot of the museum to us.

Finally inside we first headed to the wind mill. A very nice place, but if you are taller than 1,80 m (or 5’11”) you have to take care of your head. People were really smaller in the past. 🙂

After the wind mill we went into the exhibition, which, of course, is about the production of goat cheese. The exhibition is really nice with lots of interactive and multimedia content.

After the exhibition we tried the mentioned tapas-plate with goat cheese. You will get three differently aged goat cheeses, a very young and very mild one, another one with a middle age and an older, longer matured on. I really enjoyed all three of them, even my wife, who really doesn’t like goat cheese like all of them. The taste was really nice.

After tasting the goat cheese we went to the roof terrace and enjoyed the view to the palm garden and the cactus garden, which both belong to the museum and you should really visit both of them.

Here are some impressions from our visit:

Ein Modell von Fuerteventura in der Ausstellung

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Ein Modell von Fuerteventura in der Ausstellung

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