Museo Art Arta – Scary fairy tale creatures

The last series about Arta is about a very interesting museum, the Museo Art Arta.


Antoni Blanes n√ļm. 19

Artà, 07570 (Mallorca)

Phone +34 971835939 / +34 629048341
Opening hours Monday – Saturday: 10:30 to 13:30

4 ‚ā¨

kids: 2 ‚ā¨

It is also possible to get a discount when you buy tickets for other attractions around Arta.

In this museum you will find puppets made by the artist Pere Pujol, who was born in Arta. These puppets are really scary: witches, demons, fairies are displaced in several rooms in the house. All those creatures appear in local fairy tales and have nothing in common with Brother Grimm’s fairy tales or a Disney movie. Some of them are really scary and maybe not suitable for small children.

You can see some impressions in the gallery below.

Impressionen aus Art Arta

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Impressionen aus Art Arta

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