Øster Hurup

After we are back from vacation, I would like to give some information about our vacation spot Øster Hurup and the house that we rented.


Øster Hurup is a small town on the Baltic Sea coast and belongs to the municipality of Mariagerfjord and is located in the region of Nordjylland. In total, fewer than 1000 people live here permanently, but an extremely large number of Danes have holiday homes here that they either use themselves or rent out to holidaymakers. The rental usually takes place via the well-known portals such as Booking.com or specialized providers of holiday homes such as Novasol, Dancenter or Feriepartner.

Øster Hurup has a supermarket that has a good selection of everyday goods, 2 petrol stations as well as several small shops and two outlets, one of which offers almost only clothes for women, while the other has sportswear. For the size of the town there are quite a few restaurants, most of which have a very simple menu: lots of fast food, french fries, chicken, burgers and more. I can definitely recommend the Sizzlers Steak House, which is very tasty, and as a highlight the Vaffelhuset Øster Hurup, which offers delicious ice cream in fresh, homemade waffles. You can smell the sweet waffles from a hundred meters away, which are then filled with either really delicious soft ice cream or balls from the display. However, sometimes you have to wait longer because the rush here is very large.

For more information and tips for excursions, you can go to the tourist information near the port. The staff also speak very good German and give tips. You can also rent bikes here, even if it’s not cheap. However, these are then well maintained and there are bicycle helmets as well.

If you want more shopping or some culture, you can either go to Hadsund or for even more choice to Aalborg, which is about 40 km by car.


Our accommodation

Our holiday home was at the end of the village in a typical holiday home area. Surrounded by trees, the wooden house was nevertheless very quiet. There was space for 2 people, theoretically even more would have fit, but there was no ladder to the sleeping loft, which was therefore not usable. We had a living room with an attached kitchen, in which there were the usual household appliances: induction stove with oven, refrigerator with freezer, sink, coffee maker and kettle. There was also enough cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils such as pans and pots so that you could cater for yourself. In the bedroom there was a 1.60 m wide double bed and directly connected to it the bathroom with toilet and shower. There was even an old washing machine that you could use to wash your clothes. What we missed was a real wardrobe and otherwise the furniture was no longer the latest. If you invested something here, it would become a really chic holiday home. There was no TV, which wasn’t a major drawback and we knew beforehand. That’s why we had my old laptop with us, connected our mobile phone and you could already watch films e.g. from the ZDF media library

The cleanliness was okay, but old magazines were lying under the living room table, some of which dated back to 1998. A little more order could be brought in and the overall impression could be massively improved.

The highlight, however, was the jacuzzi behind the house. We used it twice, especially after our bike tour it was really relaxing.

Here are a few more impressions of Øster Hurup and the holiday home.

Blick vom Aussichtsturm nach Süden

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Blick vom Aussichtsturm nach Süden

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