A visit to Aalborg

Our holiday resort Øster Hurup is a very small town. The closest city, Hadsund, is also not exactly a big city with almost 5000 inhabitants. So if you want to experience some culture or go on a longer shopping trip, you have to go to Aalborg.

With around 120,000 inhabitants, Aalborg is a real big city, making it the fourth largest city in Denmark. The city is located on the Limfjord, which appears almost like a river here, but separates the northern part of Denmark, the island of Vendsyssel-Thy, from the Jutland peninsula.

From our holiday resort it was only about 40 km by car to the city center, where there are plenty of parking spaces and multi-storey car parks for visitors. After parking, we explored the city on foot. First we went from Aalborg University along the waterfront along the promenade, where we quickly got to the Utzon Center. In the museum that bears the name of the Danish architect Jørn Utzon.

Jørn Utzon? Never heard? Might not. However, everyone knows his most famous building: the Sydney Opera House. Somehow that fits in with the fact that I was in Sydney in March and was able to marvel at it up close. The permanent part of the exhibition shows the life of Jørn Utzons and also many of his designs. These impress with their lightness in design and appear less clumsy.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, there is always a changing exhibition. At the time we were there it was called “Living Better Lives with Vandkunsten”, which is about a sustainable way of life.

After visiting the Utzon Center, we strolled through the city center of Aalborg. In addition to many street cafes and restaurants, there are also many shopping opportunities, from small boutiques to large shopping centers such as the Friis Center. Anyone who is into it is sure to find something here. However, there are real highlights: Away from the hustle and bustle in the small, picturesque alleys, we discovered an inner courtyard where artists had let off steam and who also had their workshops there, where you can look over the shoulder of the artists and buy their handicrafts .

There is much more to do in Aalborg if you want. You can get information about this on the homepage https://www.visitaalborg.com. Unfortunately, on our visit, contrary to all weather forecasts, it started to rain, so we made our way back to our holiday home.

Promenade am Limfjord

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Promenade am Limfjord

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