La Graciosa – The graceful and latest island of the Canary Islands

And yet another post from our vacation on Lanzarote and I think, this is a must if you are here. This time we went to La Graciosa, which has become officially the eighth island of the Canary Islands in 2018.


The island has a size of only 20 km² and is the smallest inhabited island on the Canary islands. You will find an island with beautiful lonely beaches and very relaxed people. People on the Canaries are already very relaxed, but the people on this small island seemed to be even more relaxed. And it is very easy to get there. Just follow the LZ1 to the north of the island and you will get to the small village Orzola. From there you have ferries that go every 30 minutes to Caleta del Sebo. There are also enough parking spaces in the area. I recommend to not park directly at the port, because the parking time is limited to three hours. Near the port you will find opportunities to park your car longer and also for free when you say, that you are going to La Graciosa.

There are two ferry companies available. One is the Biosfera Express which we used and you have the ferries by Lineas Romero. Both companies have their ferries alternating every hour, so you can go to Lagraciosa and back every half an hour at daytime. The prices are the same for both: 14 € for the single ticket, the return ticket is 26 €.

The passage to La Graciosa takes about 25 minutes. Especially in the beginning the sea was very rough and we had to hold the rail, when we wanted to walk in the boat.  But this changed immediately when we entered the Rio, the sea passage between the two islands. Here the waves were much lower and we could enjoy

When we arrived at the port of Caleto del Sebo, we first went to explore the small town. There are no paved road on the island, so this fells kind of unreal. There are only a few cars on the island, but we discovered at least three rental bike shops, in a town with less than 750 people living here. We also found one police station, a small supermarket and some restaurants near the port.

What was quite funny: we had full 4G on our smartphones. There are lots of areas in Germany, where you don’t have any mobile network at all.

We were hungry, so we went to a restaurant and chose the Restarante Girasol for several reasons. First of all there was no one on the streets asking the tourists to come in. And it looked much cozier than the other one across the street. Plus, and this is always a good sign, there were local people eating here. After a look into the menu we chose the fresh grilled fish and it was delicious. We had Papas arrugadas with Mojo Rosso and Mojo Verde, fresh grilled fish – really delicious.

After the lunch we walked around the town at the beach, which is directly in the town next to the harbor, very beautiful.

You will find only one more settlement on the island, Pedro Barba, which is not permanently inhabited. Here are only vacation houses of people from other Canarian Islands or from mainland Spain.

Around the island there are some more beautiful beaches: Playa De Las Conchas, Playa Del Ámbar and Playa La Francesa. But as far as I know it is not recommended to go swimming there, as there are dangerous ocean currents under water.

We really enjoyed it here and I think, we will come back one day to have here very relaxed days.

Die ersten Berge von La Graciosa sind sichtbar

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Die ersten Berge von La Graciosa sind sichtbar

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    […] there are no rivers on Lanzarote. Why should there be a lookout to a river? Well, if you have read my article about La Graciosa then you might have heard, that the passage between Lanzarote and La Graciose is called Rio, […]

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