Jameos del Agua

Here we have the next report about a place you should visit: Jameos des Agua.

As this place is also in the eastern part of the island, you will reach this highlight driving LZ-1 in direction Orzola, turn right at the sign and after a few hundred meters you will come to the parking lot. It is recommended to either go early in the morning or later in the afternoon after 3:00 pm. Then the place is not very crowded.

Here are some information.

Carretera Arrieta-Órzola
Phone +34 901 20 03 00
Homepage http://www.cactlanzarote.com/en/cact/jameos-del-agua/
Opening hours

10:00 – 17:00


10,00 €

As already described on the main page for Lanzarote there are special discounts of you buy combination tickets and I have linked to the official flyer.

After purchasing your tickets you go down the stairway and arrive in the restaurant area. You can eat there snacks, but this is not the goal of the visit. Turning to the right in direction of the cave you will discover a lake in the cave. When you get closer to the cave you will see tiny white spots in the water. These little spots are small white crabs (Munidopsis polimorpha), which are endemic, so you will only find them on this island. The crabs are usually smaller than 1 cm in diameter and if you look closer, you can see them moving.

There is a very small path on the right side of the lake, where you can pass. But be aware, the handrail is very low and sometimes there is even no handrail. On the other side you there is another area where you can sit and get something to eat and drink. When you go up the stairs you will get back to the daylight. There is a pool, but, you are not allowed to swim in there. Behind the pool there is a second cave, that is used for concerts. You will also find some artwork her. I think you might guess, who developed this ensemble: Cesar Manrique.

Before we left we also saw, that there is also a museum. But when we were there it was temporarily closed for renovation.

Here are some impressions.


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  1. 7. October 2020

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