Cuevas de los Verdes

Today I would like to share another post from our vacation on Lanzarote. This time we visited Cueva de los Verdes. Actually we were already almost there when we visited Jameos del Agua. The cave and the Fameos are only a few hundred meters away from each other and both belong to the same cave that had been formed by one underground lava stream.

So you will come to the Cuevas more or less the same way as to the Jameos: you take the LZ1 in direction Orzola and at the crossroads where you turn right to Jameos del Agua you have to turn left. After a few hundred meters there is a parking lot on the right side. Get out of the car, cross the road and you are at the entrance

Carretera Arrieta-√ďrzola
Phone +34 901 20 03 00
Opening hours

 10:00 am ‚Äď 4:00 pm (last tours start at 4:00 pm)


10 ‚ā¨

Minors (7 – 12 years old pay half the price)

As already described in my post about the Jardin de Cactus and the Jameos del Agua you can get discounts if you buy combined tickets and save some money. A link you can find on the overview page of Lanzarote.

Also here the same rule applies as for all sightseeing tips: Either come early in the morning or later in the afternoon. When we were there there was also a 20% discount after 3:00 pm.

As this is a real cave people with reduced mobility and disabled people will not be able to visit the Cuevas. You have to climb some stairs or get down and watch your head at some places inside. Other passagesn can also be quite narrow. I also think that parents with very young children should also consider to think about twice. Carrying your child inside here can be very difficult. And my last warning: you should go to the restroom before entering, because, there are no toilets inside. ūüôā

You can enter the cave only with a guide. That means, after purchasing your ticket you have to wait for the next guided tour to start. Our guide could speak Spanish and English. I don’t know, if other languages are also offered. Maybe you could ask at the entrance and find out if other languages are offered. Our guide had a microphone and speakers, so you could understand him quite well.

The cave is seven kilometers long, for visitors about one kilometer is approved. The guide explained on different places, how this cave was formed and what minerals are located here. The most heard sentence is of course “Mind your head”, and you should really do so, because some passages are really narrow and low. Bumping your head here you certainly give you some headache.

When you go deeper into the cave you will come to a large room, where concerts and similar cultural events can happen. But because of the lack of infrastructure like bars or toilets, this is not done very often.

The tour will last about 45 minutes and is very informative. You will come to a secret spot, but I must not tell you, what you will see there.

In the gallery you will find some pictures. Some of them might be quite dark, but this is the real impression from this cave.

Blick auf den Höhleneingang

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Blick auf den Höhleneingang

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