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Der A350 vor dem Start am Flughafen Seoul Incheon 0

In Finnair’s Business Class – Part 2

As announced on Tuesday, the second part of the trip report with Finnair. This time the way back home, which took place on a different route than the way there. It started from Busan...

In the business class of American Airlines 0

In the business class of American Airlines

Today I want to start with the first personal report about an airline. And since the alphabet starts with A, my first post is about a business class flight from London Heathrow to Charlotte,...

Das Wei├če Haus mit dem ProtestcampDAs Wei├če Haus mit dem Protestcamp 0

Washington, D.C. in a nutshell

As announced in the previous post, I now dedicate myself to articles from various trips, either business or private. As a disclaimer, I would like to start with the fact that business trips also...

Aalborg 0

A visit to Aalborg

Our holiday resort ├śster Hurup is a very small town. The closest city, Hadsund, is also not exactly a big city with almost 5000 inhabitants. So if you want to experience some culture or...

Lille Vildmose 0

Lille Vildmose

Here is the report about the Lille Vildmose as promised in the article on the bike tour. Since our bums were hurting a bit on the day of the bike tour, we drove to...

Oster Hurup 0

├śster Hurup

After we are back from vacation, I would like to give some information about our vacation spot ├śster Hurup and the house that we rented.

Route 2

Bicycle tour around ├śster Hurup

Today I am dedicating a contribution to a bicycle tour around ├śster Hurup. In the area around this little village there are well-developed cycle paths and also some official National cycle roads. To the...

Cueva Pintada 1

Galdar and the Cueva Pintada

Now that I have moved my blog and have all the posts on my homepage, here is a new post. The pictures are from our last visit to Gran Canaria. There we visited a...